Earlier this year, Republic Technologies (UK) Ltd completed a successful relaunch of its matches’ range, including new focus on the UK’s best-known match brands, new packaging and an extension to the Swan range, one of the UK’s most iconic accessory brands.

This major initiative included the removal of some match brands from Republic’s portfolio; England’s Glory, Scottish Bluebell, Vulcan, Ship Household and Brymay have now all been discontinued.

With an increased emphasis on affordability and quality, these products have been replaced with a new pocket-sized Swan match. The vibrant red box ensures additional shelf standout, making them more recognisable to consumers.

Previously, retailers had to buy 100 boxes of pocket matches per case from cash & carries. These new Swan Red 5E matches are available in 60 boxes per case, providing a more economical solution.

Other key elements of the relaunch included:

  • Modernisation of the iconic Swan Vestas brand with a more contemporary image and a new, minimalist back of pack design, featuring impactful sustainability messaging
  • A celebrity chef partnership with Tom Kerridge for new-look Cook’s Matches, including a collection of delicious and inspiring back of pack recipes for today’s modern ‘foodie’ era
  • A new pack design for Bryant & May Extra Long matches, reinforcing the product’s positioning as ideal for lighting candles, open fires, log burners and BBQs, with new back of pack imagery reflecting key usage occasions and vibrant outer trays for better standout on shelf
  • Modernisation of Ship Matches, with a simplified, but striking design and more prominence given to ‘Ship’ branding
  • The removal of all Strike Anywhere match formats to align with EU regulations prohibiting the availability of chemicals required for Strike Anywhere Matches. A move that reflects the growing appeal of sustainability and increased demand for eco-friendly matches.

For further information on the new matches range, get in touch with a member of the team today enquiries@republictechonologies.co.uk


For over 130 years Swan has been instantly recognisable for the original Swan Vesta Match. Republic Technologies (UK) Ltd also produce and distribute a number of other match brands to meet your needs.


‘The Original’

Made to the highest quality since 1883

Average contents – 85 matches


Long lasting – 94mm long

Ideal for candles, open fires, log burners, BBQs…

Average contents – 45 matches


Kitchen matches in a wipe clean box

Featuring 12 delicious recipes to collect on back of packs – from gastropub maestro Tom Kerridge

Average contents – 220 matches


Traditional, pocket matches

Original design most likely based on a painting by Swedish marine painter Admiral Jacob “Jacques” Hägg (1839-1931)

Average contents – 32 matches


Our new Swan product – in striking red

Featuring iconic Swan brand on pocket size matches

Average contents – 40 matches

Stockists: Products available from all good multiple and independent retailers

All our matches are made in Sweden from Sustainable Aspen Trees

Removal of strike anywhere